Erasmus+ courses


Courses starting during November 2018October  December
Primera courses Teaching Entrepreneurship in Schools: Experiential approach more - register 04/11/18-10/11/18
Primera courses Teaching creativity in schools, inspired by Edward de Bono more - register 04/11/18-10/11/18
IDEC Innovative Teaching Methods more - register 05/11/18-09/11/18
Primera courses Building Efficient Relationships and Effective Conflict Management more - register 11/11/18-17/11/18
Euneos How to make your school more international more - register 11/11/18-17/11/18
Progetto Crescere Special Needs and Autism: how to deal with them? Theoretical and practical experiences more - register 12/11/18-16/11/18
IDEC ICT in Education more - register 12/11/18-16/11/18
Chain Las Otras Orillas more - register 16/11/18-24/11/18
Progetto Crescere Cooperative Learning: a method to develop social and learning skills for inclusion in educational and social contexts more - register 19/11/18-23/11/18
CervantesTraining Spain Nov "Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving".Madrid.Spain more - register 24/11/18-30/11/18
CervantesTraining Spain Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving Madrid .Spain. 2018: 24-30 Nov.Madrid.Spain more - register 24/11/18-30/11/18
Primera courses Developing Effective Communication Skills more - register 25/11/18-01/12/18
Primera courses Peer Coaching as a Sustainable Source of Professional Development more - register 25/11/18-01/12/18
IDEC Creativity Lab more - register 26/11/18-30/11/18
Progetto Crescere Positive Practices for a Positive Ageing: remind past, front present and live future. more - register 26/11/18-30/11/18
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