Erasmus+ courses


Courses starting during June 2017May  July
Progetto Crescere Active training. Step by step to be an active trainer or teacher more - register 10/06/17-14/06/17
Progetto Crescere Positive Practices for a Positive Ageing: remind past, front present and live future. more - register 12/06/17-16/06/17
Chain Iceland - landscape and legends more - register 19/06/17-24/06/17
IDEC New Teachers for New Competencies: Entrepreneurship, Networking, Communication more - register 19/06/17-23/06/17
Primera courses Teaching creativity in schools, inspired by Edward de Bono more - register 25/06/17-01/07/17
IDEC New Teachers for New Competencies: Personal competencies, teamworking and time management more - register 26/06/17-30/06/17
Chain From Stockholm to Tallinn: the north between east and west more - register 29/06/17-07/07/17
Progetto Crescere Teenagers with behaviour disorders or bad boys? more - register 29/06/17-30/06/17
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