Erasmus+ courses


Courses starting during April 2017March  May
Primera courses Peer Coaching as a Sustainable Source of Professional Development more - register 02/04/17-08/04/17
GO! TACCLE IST COURSE 2017: Creating your own e-learning content in school education and adult education more - register 02/04/17-08/04/17
IDEC Intercultural Competences more - register 03/04/17-07/04/17
Progetto Crescere Active training. Step by step to be an active trainer or teacher more - register 03/04/17-07/04/17
Progetto Crescere Three golden steps to create effective training courses more - register 03/04/17-07/04/17
Interacting Uk Let’s tell your story more - register 09/04/17-16/04/17
Interacting Uk Play to Learn more - register 16/04/17-23/04/17
Eekhout Academy The power of non-formal learning more - register 23/04/17-28/04/17
Outdoored Outdoor Education - Learning Different Subjects Outdoors more - register 24/04/17-28/04/17
IDEC Designing CLIL – Content Integrated Language Learning more - register 24/04/17-28/04/17
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